Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine's Day

My forever Valentine :)

Yesterday Nathan didn't end up having to go into work, and by some miracle I also didn't have to work and so we got to spend the entire day together!

We woke up, went to the gym, went out to eat, picked up some dessert at Harmon's and came home and watched Seinfeld all night.

It was so sunny yesterday that I came under some sort of delusion that it was summer and so I wore sandals and no coat when we went out. Uhhh yeah that was a mistake! My feet got so frozen! 

Now that Christmas has come and gone Winter has lost all its majesty. Spring please come, I beg you.

When we came home from the gym, I found these beauties delivered at our doorstep :)

I swore once I got a dog that  I wouldn't be that person who shared thousands of pictures of them, but I just can't help it! Never say never I suppose.

This little pup was way overdue for a bath. It's hilarious because he is SO fluffy, so when you give him a bath he looks like a totally different dog. Like...where did all the fur go? Haha.

Anyway people I am SOOO excited because Nathan and I are road-tripping it to California soon and I cannot wait. Disneyland here we come!

Work has got me so burned out lately, I have been in desperate need of a vacation. So I decided to heck with it and booked a hotel, called Nathan and told him we were going on vacation, haha.

I feel like this post is all over the place, but speaking of work I thought it necessary to mention that I hit my ONE YEAR mark of being a licensed nurse last week!!!! 

I cannot express how monumental that is. When they first handed me the keys to the med cart a year ago I was struck with paralyzing fear and overcome with the worst sort of anxieties.

But looky there, it's been a whole year since that day and while I still have so much learning and growing to do I can honestly say I have survived my first year of nursing, and I am only slightly scathed and minorly scarred.

I have met so many wonderful people, and have had so many funny/awesome/heartbreaking/eye-opening experiences and I would not trade it for all the world. When someone tells you that you're their 'favorite nurse' it makes all of the constant stress and lack of eating and bathroom breaks worth it, haha.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Live and Let Live

As Melon has been growing in size, his energy levels have about tripled. Instead of being the sweet, napping little baby he once was, now he is a tyrannical beast - tearing up socks and pant legs, and rarely ever resting. To accommodate this new found energy I have been taking him on lots and lots of walks. Our apartment complex has a dog park which is probably pretty awesome in the summertime but in the winter it's kind of just blah.... but it's fenced so I figured I'd take him off the leash and let him go run around there.

But I take off the leash and what does he do? Jumps up on the bench and sits next to me. I even tried throwing a ball and he wouldn't chase it, haha. He just wanted to sit on the bench. Which is ok I guess, I just wish he'd do that at home, haha. 

Aren't these books lovely? I ordered them off Amazon and had to discipline myself as to not order all of them! Someday I dream of having my own library and I would love to fill it with hundreds of beautifully bound books such as these. I told you in the last post how much I have been loving Jane Eyre and period dramas and what not. I just can't get enough of them these days.

Last weekend I drove down to good old Utah County to hang out with my best friend, Shelby. We went out to eat and hung out in the hot tub at the Provo Rec Center. Nathan had gone up to Idaho to snowmobile. It was nice having some girl time.

That same weekend my friend from work, Jess invited me to go out to dinner with her after our shift had ended! I had such a good time. The nurses I work with are all so nice. I feel like I've been very fortunate to become friends with all of them. They all look out for me in a way that never happened at my previous job. So I suppose you could say there are some upsides to living in Ogden.

Where one door closes, others are always opened, yes?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My Bucket List

When you battle with periods of depression in your life, as I have lately, there are days and weeks and even months that feel empty. You try to fill life with meaningful things. However the nasty snare of depression takes things once meaningful and turns then into something... meaningless. Even the most wonderful things can feel hollow. The worst part is in your brain you tell yourself you 'know' this is supposed to be fun! It's something you enjoy! But depression robs you of those fond emotions you once enjoyed.

I don't intend for this to be a moody post however. In fact I would say, despite some bad days, I have been on the mend. Depression is beginning to relinquish the nasty grip it has had hold of me this past year, and I really just wanted to write down a list of things I'd like to do in my life, to say "carpe diem" and move forward to happier times.

So here, is a bucket list. To be edited and added upon to my liking. 

1. Go to Disney World
2. Own my own horse
3. Have a flower garden
4. Own a small farm
5. Have children
6. Be an audience member on a game show
7. Road trip the Pacific Coast Highway
8. Visit Europe
9. Visit the South
10. Be really good at breadmaking
11. See the Northern Lights
12. Take Nathan to Alaska
13. Have visible, good looking abs
14. Make quilts for all my favorite people
15. Make a family history book
16. Read at least 10 classic books
17. Take Nathan to a live musical/play
18. Go to the Tuacahn in St. George
19. Take Nathan to Goblin Valley and camp there with friends/family
20. Go to the Grand Canyon
21. Read all the Series of Unfortunate Events
22. Own a jeep
23. Graduate with a BSN
24. See Jim Gaffigan or Brian Regan live
25. Visit the Walt Disney Family Museum
26. Eat at Ruth's Chris
27. Go to Harry Potter World and drink a butterbeer
28. Visit a real live castle

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Little Melon loves the snow. Maybe it's because he has never actually been alive during a summer, I don't know. 

It's hilarious to watch though, he loves to jump around and bury his head in it. He's so tiny and so occasionally he will jump into a particularly big drift and his whole body will disappear, and two seconds later he will reemerge, looking like a hairy snowman.

Nathan and I decided to go snowshoeing this past weekend and we took the puppy with us. He survived for about half the journey before he got so cold we had to wrap him up in a coat and carry him! Poor little guy.

Wish I had more photos to share but my phone died literally two seconds after this was taken.

I have to admit this was my first time going snowshoeing and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It snowed like mad and so as we were hiking big huge, fluffy snowflakes were falling slowly about us, landing on all the evergreen trees and frosting our noses. It was magical.

On a side note I have recently become obsessed with Jane Eyre! I watched the 2011 movie on netflix and fell absolutely in love and knew I had to read the book. Usually I find the old classics to be a bit wordy and difficult to read but I have been absolutely immersed in this book. 

I used to scoff at people who loved all the period dramas but I have to admit I am becoming quite a fan. I love how something so subtle, meant so much back in those times. Just a touch of the hand spoke volumes. I mean women and men weren't even hardly allowed to touch each other back in those days.

Now in this era people have to parade around naked to get themselves noticed. Hand holding has all but lost its meaning. Simple, innocent romance has been spat upon and degraded.

Shame, shame.

Now forgive me while I get back to reading Jane Eyre.

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Best of 2016


After what seemed like an eternity I graduated my LPN program.

...and ran a 5K in St. George with my Mom and Aunt Toni.


Passed my state boards and became a licensed nurse!

Nathan and I road tripped it to Arches National Park and familiarized ourselves with what our license plate picture looks like in real life. It was pretty cool.



Easter party at Grandma Greene's. 


Flew out to San Diego for Nathan's brother's wedding and got to go to Disneyland, my favoritest place in the whole world.


Nathand and I rode horses together out by Utah Lake and tried not to get eaten alive by bugs.

We journeyed to Logan and went to visit the Temple.


Partied it up with the girls in Salt Lake.

Tara and Clark had their reception in my parent's backyard and I got to be the florist :)

...and it wouldn't be June without the Strawberry Days Rodeo!


We went to Kauai with my mom's side of the family and spent 10 days bumming around on the beach.

And fulfilled our lifelong dream of going to the Fiesta Days Rodeo with Ashley and Alex.


Almost got bucked off this horse, but I survived.


Laguna Beach and Disneyland with all the girls.


Camping up AF Canyon with our friends.

Had to say goodbye after nearly four years and three different titles (Therapy Aide, CNA and finally nurse) to American Fork Stonehenge! I made so many wonderful friends there and I will miss them forever.

Moved to Ogden and discovered the Burger Bar and their delicious fried mushrooms.


Thanksgiving in Driggs and a visit to Jackson Hole.


Christmas in our new home :)

....and added a new puppy to our family!

Meet Melon the Puppy Dog

Whelp. Our puppy fever finally overcame us and we got ourselves a dog! His name is Melon. He's a pomeranian mixed with something else (we have no idea, haha).

He's the cutest little fluff ball that ever did live.

Awww, ain't he precious? I just love him.

I never did foresee Nathan and I getting a puppy but there's a lot of things in life I don't foresee that end up happening anyway, so here we are. I guess we are dog people now!

I got this strange desire to start embroidery over Christmas and so I've been working on all these little squares to turn into a sweet quilt eventually! I am pretty amateur but it's a very relaxing way to pass the time.

I feel like working as a nurse hurts my brain so much. I just need activities where I can come home and not exercise too much brain power. That's why I download mindless iPhone games like Farmville. It's my way of winding down. 

Also guess what! On December 29th Nathan and I celebrated our 4th anniversary! Can you believe it, FOUR YEARS. Wow.

We used to be such babies. Marriage has been one of the most challenging, but also one of the most rewarding things in life. I am so grateful for Nathan and all that he does for me. He takes good care of me and puts up with my sometimes difficult personality. He also loves me and I couldn't ask for much more than that!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Keep the Change Ya Filthy Animal

Another December has flown by! Can't believe we are already two days post Christmas. My favorite month of the year has come and gone once again.

 Let us reminisce on all the good times we had.

Nathan finished his first semester of his Agriculture Diesel Mechanics program. Here's the tractor him and Buck have been working on all fall. Many a pair of pants have been ruined working on this project and so I have banned Nathan from wearing any nice clothes to school ever again.

Murphles! My sisters suuuper cute puppy Murphy. He is getting SO big. He literally triples in size every week. Hanging out with this guy has made me want a puppy REALLY bad. Our apartment actually allows pets which makes the temptation seem like it could turn into a real decision. We will see.

Luminaria! We went with my family to see this AMAZING light show at Thanksgiving point a few weeks ago. My first thought was $20 a person?!?!??! Holy crap no way it can be that good.

But let me tell you. It WAS that good.

I seriously felt like I was in Disneyland it was so magical. I would recommend it to everyone. I won't even bother trying to describe it because I can't possibly do it justice. All I can say is it was really, really cool.

Like this is the view you get when you first walk into it. It was definitely the coolest light display I've ever been to. It makes all those drive through things look pathetic.

Another Luminaria pic. It was sooo cool I can't get over it.

My parent's cats love to make nests with all the Christmas decorations and presents. Buttercup seriously sat on that present for hours and hours. So cute.

Throwback to last year when my cat made a nest out of tinsel. I love it.

Another light display that pictures can do no justice for. The fire/police station down the road from our apartment went all Clark Griswold on us and decorated every single tree in different colored lights! We went and got McDonalds and sat and stared at them while we ate french fries. It was wonderful.

Christmas Eve we drove out to my Grandma's house and ate dinner and played Christmas Bingo. Which is my new favorite tradition. All of my aunts and uncles and cousins gathered in my grandma's kitchen and we played probably like 50 rounds of Bingo. My uncle Bean bought a bunch of way sweet prizes so we were all feeling competitive. I of course did not win ONCE. That's what you get for being loyal to the same stupid Bingo card! I will have to devise a new strategy for next year, or get some more luck or something.

I got a polaroid camera for Christmas and so the only pictures I have from actual Christmas Day are these haha! We made it out like bandits however. I got the best present I could've asked for from Santa Claus....

Drum roll please....

TICKETS TO DISNEYLAND!!!! Haha I couldn't believe it but Nathan and I got 3 day park hoppers to my favorite place in the world and I could not be more excited! Now we just have to plan when we want to go.

I am so grateful for this time of year because of all the time we get to spend with our family and friends and all the fun traditions and activities we get to get out and do!

But mostly I am grateful for the Savior and that he was born and lived and died for me and you.